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Breaking Bad marathon in 20 minutes. Also food is here.

L8r losers!

(you’re not losers, you’re all really cool, and I like you all very much)


making me want to binge watch all your Let’s Build series out of nostalgia.

well I can’t do that today, friend! I’ll do so on Monday.

Lemmi tell to you a thing about female comic book characters, they’re a helluva lot more interesting than the male ones, that’s for sure.

So why do we have so little of them on television?

Agent Carter, iZombie, and Supergirl are a nice start, though you can throw in more people, like;

The Huntress, Manhunter, Power Girl, Donna Troy, Batwoman, Cameron Chase.

I mean just that small listing of female characters alone could hold their own series and send ratings skyrocketing.


Helena Bertinelli: Batgirl - Huntress - Bird of Prey

I know she was still Huntress during the Birds of Prey, but she was different than she was in Year One or Cry for Blood and she was part of a team, so I’ll count that as one of her identities.

gnommes replied to your post:I’m gonna order some food with the last $20 I…

No. Get popeyes

I’m a little too ill to go out and get it myself, plus no one wants to go for me, so…ordered out yo.



Star Trek Stabilized »

Now my favourite gif.




the 8th child arc was the best arc like dont even try to argue

((yes I Know Tai asked Kari a few episodes in, and she didn’t know because her digivice got lost because of their cat. I didn’t forget.))

This is scary accurate.


Alex Hirsch

the gravity falls fandom

I’m gonna order some food with the last $20 I have.